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Policy on the use of personal data and cookies

On this page, we would like to share our privacy policy with you so that you can see how we treat your personal information and how we use cookies. You can also read more about your rights and our duties in relation to storing and processing your personal data.


  •     What information do we collect?
  •     How do we use your personal data?
  •     Protecting and storing your data.
  •     Your insight and control of your personal data.
  •     Changes in our privacy policy.
  •     Our cookie policy.
  •     Fortuna Course's use of cookies.
  •     How to block or delete your cookies.

What information do we collect?

Fortuna Courses & Coaching is a course and consultancy company that deals with courses and lectures, as well as providing consultancy services to private and public companies. In connection with your contact with Fortuna Courses & Coaching, you may be asked to provide certain information about yourself in the following situations:

  • When you wish to subscribe to our newsletter, we ask you for data on your name and email address.
  • When you wish to contact us, we ask you to fill out our contact form with the following data: your name, company name, EAN. No., Company Address, Position, Phone Number and Email Address.
  • When you sign up for a course, we ask you for information about the following data: your name, company name, EAN. No., Company Address, Position, Phone Number and Email Address.

How do we use your personal data?

We use your personal information for the following purposes:

  • To mail our newsletter to you if you have made a request for it.
  • To contact you either by mail or phone if you have requested to be contacted by us.
  • To send a confirmation with information about the course you have enrolled in and subsequently send an invoice.
  • To publish your course statement on our website provided you have given us permission.

The personal contact information you provide us is necessary information in order for us to work with you and provide you with the best service.

Protection and storage of your personal data

We protect your information by using technical and administrative security measures (such as firewalls as well as physical and administrative access controls for data and servers) that limit the risk of loss, abuse, unauthorized access, disclosure and change.

We do not store personal information longer than permitted by law and delete personal information when they are no longer necessary for the above purpose.

Understand and control your personal data

You are entitled at any time to see the personal information we have stored about you and request that they will be deleted. You can also ask us to make changes to ensure your personal information is accurate and up to date. If you wish to make changes to the personal data that you have sent to us, you can do so by contacting us, for example, by using our contact form here >> or by emailing

If you are not satisfied with our processing of your personal information, you may appeal to Datatilsynet, Borgergade 28, 5th floor, 1300 Copenhagen K, Denmark You can also read about the Data Protection Regulation on the Data Inspectorate's website (

Changes in our privacy policy

Fortuna Courses & Coaching can make changes to this privacy policy at any time. We recommend that you regularly read it. Significant changes to our privacy policy will be published on our website at . The modified privacy policy will enter into force as soon as it is published on the site. This privacy and cookie policy was changed on the site on November 16, 2018.

Cookie policy

When you visit, you are informed that cookies are used on the website. You can find more information about our use of cookies on this page.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small data file that is attached to your device (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) to keep track of what happens during your visit on our website and to recognize the device you are using.

Generally, cookies are used to recognize you when you visit a website again and can help to deliver completely anonymous data to 3rd party applications, such as. Google Analytics.

A cookie can’t be used to see who you are, where you live or if the device is used by one or more people. A cookie is not a program and does not contain viruses.

Fortuna Course's use of cookies

Our website uses cookies. You will be informed that we put cookies before they are placed. On Fortuna Course's website, we primarily use cookies for web analytics to enhance users experience when they visit our website. Cookies allow us to see how the user moves around the website, and the content can be customized based on this behaviour, making it easier for the user to find the website in the future.

How to block or delete cookies

Blocking Cookies: You can block cookies on your device at any time by changing the settings in your browser. Where you find the settings, depends on which browser you are using. You should be aware that if you block cookies, there are many features and services that you can’t use, as these require the website to remember the choices you make.

Deleting Cookies: Cookies that you have previously accepted can easily be deleted. Depending on your browser, there is typically a function under the browser's settings where cookies can be blocked or deleted. Remember, if you are using multiple browsers, delete cookies in all of them.
Below are links on how to handle cookies in the most popular browsers: