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Conflict Management - conflict resolution training

Conflict strategies - conflict resolving dialogue - conflict resolution

Learn to resolve conflicts constructively and successfully.Do you want to prevent and manage conflicts before they grow too big and damages both cooperation and your well-being? Do you want to be familiar with the techniques and methods that successful conflict solvers use? Then this course will give you both insight and practical training on how to tackle conflicts, so good and durable solutions are found, and relations are strengthened.

This course supports you to manage and resolve conflicts constructively and successfully. You will be training questioning techniques and active and appreciative listening with the purpose of creating confidence and strengthen relations. You will work with conflict management and clear communication that creates solutions that meet essential needs and interests for all parties. Furthermore, you will learn methods and train effective tools to remain calm and stay on track, understand the core of the conflict and choose which conflict strategy is the most constructive in the situation.

Who participates?

This course is for anyone who wants to prevent and manage conflicts and master the difficult art of dialogue in conflict situations. Our course participants come from many different organisations - they could be employees with customer or citizen contact, HR personnel, managers, trainers, advisers, consultants, coaches etc.

Your benefits 

You will get an insight into, why a conflict occurs, and how it step by step can escalate, if it is not handled in due time. You will learn how to find the core of the conflict and train methods to create an equal and conflict resolving dialogue with the parties involved.

You will learn techniques on how to handle and accommodate strong feelings and to stay calm in conflict situations. You will gain insight into various conflict strategies and how to choose the right one. You will practice techniques to stand firm, say no and resist manipulation.

You will train a conflict resolution method and strengthen your ability to devise creative and sustainable solutions that accommodate all parties. You will also strengthen your ability significantly to both understand and work with conflicts. The skills you get on this course, you can use both at work or at home.

Benefits for your company

A workplace with unresolved conflicts often create inefficiencies, demotivation, stress and sick leave. When your employees or managers master the art of responding constructively to conflict signals in due time, your company will experience a work environment where relations, collaboration, motivation and efficiency are strengthened.

Contents of the course

This course alternates between theory, dialogue, practical exercises in communication, and cases that are based on participant's own lives and experiences. This includes the following topics:

  • Why conflicts arise and how they can escalate?
  • Insight into different patterns of conflict behavior and reactions
  • Uncovering the conflict's core and its underlying causes
  • Active, focused and appreciative listening
  • Powerful questioning techniques
  • Using conflict resolving language
  • Various conflict strategies and the best choice
  • How to handle strong feelings in a conflict
  • Techniques to stand firm, say no and resist manipulation
  • Methods to receive and give constructive feedback
  • Training the stucture of conflict resolution.


Pia Hardy - Trainer in conflict resolution and conflict managementPia Hardy is a professional psychological counsellor specializing in conflikct resolution, mediation and stress management. She has extensive experience in advising, coaching and teaching companies in conflict solving and stress management. Pia Hardy is a certified conflict solver, and mediator and a certified stress coach adhering to international standards. Her background is built upon years of training, education, and experience with conflict resolution, stress management and communication in the workplace. She originally trained as a teacher and engineer and has a broad-based approach to business and jobs.

Participants have assessed Pia Hardy as a top engaged and inspiring teacher with a focus on the individual participant's strengths and challenges. She emphasizes that participants gain new knowledge and a lot of practical experience that is beneficial in practice not only as a professional, but in the home as well, so that everyday challenges can be handled better.

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Course Information

Offered As agreed with the client
Duration 1 or 2 days
Number of participants As agreed with the client
Price per day 20.800 DKK plus VAT
Trainer Pia Hardy
Contact Contact
Tlf. + 45 20 32 32 69
or + 45
70 70 79 18