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Presentation Techniques - Presentation Skills in English

A course in Achieving Convincing Presentations.

Course in Presentation TechniquesWith the resources provided in the course on Presentation Techniques, you will learn to present your ideas, products, and projects so that they appear convincing, interesting, and credible. Your audience will listen, understand, and remember your message.


Who will be taking part in the course?

Presentation Techniques is for those who wish to be better equipped to present their message clearly, precisely, and with greater positive effect. One needs these techniques to present their ideas and projects, teach, or deliver a speech effectively to their audience.

What is the individual benefit of the course?

This course provides practice delivering your presentation in a way which both interests and engages your audience. You will have the opportunity to try out all the means of creating a presentation which is clear, understandable, captivating and targeted, as well as achieve insight into how to control nervousness, maintain a calm perspective, and reinforce your ability to make an impression. You will also learn to create a positive and decisive dialogue with a variety of listeners.

How does my Organization Profit?

On completion of the course, your company will have a colleague who can present and inform about ideas, products, and projects in a way which is convincing, interesting, and assured. If customers are your target group, this will create greater sales and more satisfied clientele. If fellow colleagues are your target audience, it will provide the organization with an improved level of information and well-informed, more motivated staff.


Pia Hardy - Your teacher in Presentation TechniquesPia Hardy is a professional psychological counselor and coach specializing in presentation techniques, stress management and personal effectiveness. She has extensive experience in advising, coaching and teaching companies in presentation techniques, personal planning and stress management. Pia Hardy is a certified stress coach adhering to international standards, a certified conflict solver, and mediator. Her background is built upon years of training, education, and experience with stress management, planning, and communication in the workplace. She originally trained as a teacher and engineer and has a broad-based approach to business and jobs.

Participants have assessed Pia Hardy as a top engaged and inspiring teacher with a focus on the individual participant's strengths and challenges. She emphasizes that participants gain new knowledge and a lot of practical experience that is beneficial in practice not only as a professional, but in the home as well, so that everyday challenges can be handled better.

Contents of the course

The course in Presentation Techniques alternates between short theoretical introductions and a variety of presentation exercises. You will get the opportunity to test yourself in a small, manageable group. Your deliberations will be recorded on video and receive feedback both from the instructor, and your fellow participants.

    What is a good presentation?

  1.         Maintaining the interest of your audience
  2.         Assessing the mood of your group and identifying their needs
  3.         Testing the attention curve of the participants
  4.         Learning to create highlights.

    From idea to finished manuscript

  1.         Defining objectives, values and the criteria of success
  2.         Creating the main body of your presentation
  3.         Using proven methods to organize presentations
  4.         Good, impressive openings – for capturing attention
  5.         Making effective exits – your final triumph
  6.         Using various manuscripts – mindmaps, cue cards, and/or notepads.

    Your personal power

  1.         Strengthen your state of mind – visualization and positive reframing
  2.         Make nervousness your ally
  3.         Become more aware of your body language – to entify nd rectify bad habits
  4.         Effective and dynamic use of voice
  5.         Good advice on the use of language.

    Effective use of AV-support

  1.         Tips and tricks with PowerPoint
  2.         The use of other visual support.

    Communication with your audience

  1.         How to create a dialogue with your listeners
  2.         How to deal with difficult listeners
  3.         Techniques for listening and responding to questions from your audience.

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Course Information

Place As agreed with the client
Duration 1 or 2 days
Group size As agreed with the client
Price per day 20.800 DKK excl. VAT
Trainer Pia Hardy
Contact Contact
Tlf. + 45 20 32 32 69
or + 45
70 70 79 18