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Stress - Become stress free and enjoy well-being

A course in stress management: From stress to well-being

A course in stress management: From stress to well-being
In this course on stress, we work with practical tools for stress management. Participants get a glimpse into the nature of symptoms, warning signs, and sources of stress, and get effective methods to spot, prevent, and manage personal stressors as well as assist others with theirs.
The course is held exclusively to take care of the needs of your business, where the content and scope will be tailored to your company's requirements and challenges with stress and stress prevention. The course covers stress management at both the individual and group level.

Who participates in the course on stress management?

This course is designed for everyone - it is beneficial for those who are experiencing stress in their daily lives and who wish to improve their job satisfaction and motivation. Everyone, at one time or another, has experienced heavy work and time/pressure loads, and need the most concrete and creative ways to prevent and manage stress both at work and in private life.

Your benefits

This course gives participants insight on how to manage stress, potentially creating higher profits for business, success and satisfaction in your professional life, and acquiring greater happiness in private life. Participants learn to spot warning signs, know about any potential limitations regarding the situation, and deal with them effectively after applying the priciples of this course. Effective methods are taught on how to avoid escalating stress on individuals, as well as their environment, with techniques focusing on situational awareness.

Contents of the course

This course alternates between theory, dialogue, practical exercises in communication, and cases that are based on participant's own lives and experiences. This includes the following topics:
  • What is stress - the positive and the negative
  • Symptoms of stress - the serious and dangerous
  • Impact on brain and body
  • Depression and burnout
  • Stress phases - from load to sick leave
  • Personal stress test - test your stress levels
  • Stress on the job - personal requirements, needs, and available resources
  • Stress sources - external loads or your own high standards
  • Correlation between personality, lifestyle and stress
  • Stressful thought patterns - and how to change them
  • Methods to say no or ask for what you need
  • How to manage stress
  • Personal planning and time management
  • Meditation and relaxation techniques
  • Action plan: How to reduce stress and improve overall well-being.

Benefits for your company

Stress Prevention is an investment in the future. This course will enable employees and managers to be more aware of the stressors that effect their workplace. The common understanding of stress and its prevention will strengthen cooperation, effectiveness, job satisfaction, as well as well-being in everyday life, and result in fewer sick days at work.


Pia Hardy - your teacher in stress managementPia Hardy is a professional psychological counsellor specializing in stress management and personal effectiveness. She has extensive experience in advising, coaching and teaching companies in personal planning and stress management. Pia Hardy is a certified stress coach adhering to international standards, a certified conflict solver, and mediator. Her background is built upon years of training, education, and experience with stress management, planning, and communication in the workplace. She originally trained as a teacher and engineer and has a broad-based approach to business and jobs.

Participants have assessed Pia Hardy as a top engaged and inspiring teacher with a focus on the individual participant's strengths and challenges. She emphasizes that participants gain new knowledge and a lot of practical experience that is beneficial in practice not only as a professional, but in the home as well, so that everyday challenges can be handled better.

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Course information

Place As agreed with the client
Duration 1 or 2 days
Number of participants As agreed with the client

Price pr. day

20.800 kr. excl. VAT
Trainer Pia Hardy
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