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Time management and personal planning

Manage your time - prioritize and plan effectively - avoid stress

Course in time management and personal planning

Do you find that many tasks are urgent and that other people manage a great deal of your time? Do you have too many interruptions, and do you find it difficult to concentrate and stay focused on your most important tasks? Then this course will give you the opportunity to streamline your planning and get a good look at your work habits.

On this course you will work with effective methods and practical planning tools, that will help you to maintain an overview of your tasks and improve your prioritizing and efficiency.

Who participates?

This course is beneficial for busy professionals and executives who find they have too many tasks and too little time. They want to make an effort to manage their time, avoid stress and enhance job satisfaction and efficiency.

Your benefits

Personal planning will help you become more efficient and less stressed. You will get an insight into your time type and be inspired to incorporate larger time realism into your planning, so you can achieve greater flexibility in your work life.

You will be better at creating an overview of your tasks, prioritize them and retaining your focus. You will overcome bad habits - like postponement and procrastination behaviour - and create new and appropriate habits. You will learn techniques to say no and ask for what you need in an assertive way.

Benefits for your company

An employee, who has attended a course in personal planning and stress, will return with a number of practical ideas and skills that will lead to increased efficiency and job satisfaction. If an entire department or group has joined the course together, they will have the benefit of a common understanding of working with prioritization, planning and avoiding time wasters.   

Contents of the course

This course alternates between theory, dialogue, practical exercises in time management and cases that are based on the participant's own lives and experiences. This includes the following topics:

  • Your time management and your efficiency
  • Different time types - are you a time realist, -optimist or -pessimist
  • Tools to set SMART goals
  • Distinguish between "important" and "urgent"
  • Methods on how to prioritise work tasks
  • Discover your time wasters and how to eliminate them
  • Manage the numerous interruptions during the day
  • Fight off postponement and procrastination (switching between tasks)
  • Methods to align expectations
  • Insight into methods on how to delegate task at all levels
  • Realistic "to-do" lists and time budgets
  • Task-oriented planning - both short-term and long-term 
  • Stress manágement
  • Stress signals and stress sources
  • Meditation and relaxation techniques
  • Your action plan with your new habits.


Pia Hardy - your teacher in time managementPia Hardy is a professional psychological counsellor specializing in personal effectiveness and stress management. She has extensive experience in advising, coaching and teaching companies in personal planning and stress management. Pia Hardy is a certified stress coach adhering to international standards, a certified conflict solver, and mediator. Her background is built upon years of training, education, and experience with stress management, planning, and communication in the workplace. She originally trained as a teacher and engineer and has a broad-based approach to business and jobs.

Participants have assessed Pia Hardy as a top engaged and inspiring teacher with a focus on the individual participant's strengths and challenges. She emphasizes that participants gain new knowledge and a lot of practical experience that is beneficial in practice not only as a professional, but in the home as well, so that everyday challenges can be handled better.


Pia Hardy has had course participants from a wide selection of companies: Novo Nordisk A/S, MAN Diesel A/S, PFA Pension, Døvefilm, Greenland Contractors, Man Diesel A/S, Vejdirektoratet, DFL, Post Danmark Transport, Kcllert, Handleskolen Minerva, DONG Energy, Nordea Liv og Pension, Beredskabsstyrelsen, Telia Danmark, Chas. Hude A/S, Køge Kommune: Teknisk Forvaltning, Kalundborg Kommune, Forsvarsstaben, Jensen Nedrivning A/S, Hoffmann, Post Danmark, Inco Danmark, Lægemiddelstyrelsen, Skov- og Naturstyrelsen, Miljøstyrelsen, Lauritz Knudsen A/S, Albertslund Kommune.

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Course Information

Offered As agreed with the client.
Duration 1, 2 or 3 days
Group size As agreed with the client.
Price per day 20.800 DKK plus VAT
Trainer Pia Hardy
Contact Contact
Tlf. 20 32 32 69
70 70 79 18